Children’s Healing Studio Ltd. provides play-based programming to support children’s mental health when experiencing big life losses and change. When children experience losses and change such as a death in the family, divorce, terminal illness, a new baby in the family, a change in home or school, they may experience great big emotions and grief reactions. Children’s Healing Studio Ltd. defines grief as the feelings, reactions, and process of dealing with change experienced by families and children with any form of loss. Children will express their grief through their behaviour including temper tantrums, aggression, regression (thumb sucking and bed wetting), defiance, anxiety, and more.

Through play-based programming, Dr. Elena Merenda supports children’s mental health by fostering an understanding of the loss or change, helping them to recognize their emotions, teaching them to express their emotions, and supporting children to develop coping strategies to help them manage the tough times!

Children’s Healing Studio Ltd. also provides consultation services for families and early childhood professionals. Our services include family coaching to support understanding of children’s emotions and behaviours during times of loss and change, support groups for children and families, and workshops and certifications for early childhood professionals related to child development. We are located in Mississauga ON, but virtual sessions are offered to support children, families, and professionals across the globe.