Children’s Healing Studio Ltd. provides the following services in Studio for teens:

Resiliently You Teens

Teens face so much more pressure today than they ever did in the past. There’s pressure to be involved in extra-curricular activities, to get into a “good” college/university, to have the “perfect” body, and to be constantly connected to technology and social media and available to everyone all of the time. On top of that, the pandemic created so many changes and led to so many losses for teens, that we are seeing an increased level of anxiety in this age group.

Even though anxiety is common, it does have to be managed or it can spiral into something bigger than they can control. That’s why Resiliently You Teens was designed to help them learn to live with anxiety without letting it take control and get in the way of their everyday life.

Resiliently You Teens is a 6-week program suitable for children 11-16 years. Each week your teen will make a coping tool or learn a calming strategy to use in their day-day life in order to manage their anxiety.

Week 1: Define anxiety, understand our fight or flight response, identify anxiety patterns, and discuss prevention and intervention for anxiety

Week 2: Learning to use our bodies to reduce anxiety through yoga, movement, healthy eating and breath work

Week 3: Learning to use our minds to reduce anxiety through journaling, grounding techniques, and meditation

Week 4: Learning habits and management skills such as time management, thought flipping, problem solving and simple cognitive behaviour therapy techniques to reduce anxiety 

Week 5: Using positive affirmations and gratitude to reduce anxiety

Week 6: Learning to separate yourself from other’s problems and balance social media use

Confidently You Teens

Being a teenager is often a time when self-esteem is challenged. Teens often doubt themselves and worry about their self-worth, sometimes leading to self-destructive behaviours. 

Confidently You Teens is a 6-week program that engages teens in self-exploration of the ways both internal and external factors influence their self-perception and well-being. Your teen will learn safe and positive techniques to change their thoughts and actions to allow for a more positive sense of self, ultimately helping them to have more successful relationships with themselves and others. Each week your teen will learn practical and empowering tools to explore their identity and build confidence. Teens will also learn to become critical consumers of media and social media, discover their passions, navigate peer pressure, and become more compassionate toward themselves and others.

Confidently You Teens is suitable for children 11-16 years. 

Week 1: Define self-love and the importance of it, understand the obstacles in self-love, discuss the perfection of diversity and individuality, and build emotional awareness of feelings and personal strengths

Week 2: Reflecting on the authentic self, including: and understanding of oneself within the family, friend groups and society; discovering likes/dislikes, beliefs, passions, and strengths/weaknesses; and understanding how to follow your intuition

Week 3: Building a positive body image by learning to love the body you’ve got, and combating false facts about beauty and health portrayed through the media

Week 4: Learning to manage peer pressure by setting healthy boundaries, developing healthy thinking patterns and developing inner peace 

Week 5: Using positive affirmations and gratitude to build confidence

Week 6: Learning to implement self-care and self-growth strategies that promote confidence and self-love long term

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