Synergy Kids Yoga Summer Retreat

My Name is Anna Iorio and I’m a kids yoga and mindfulness teacher for kids ages 2-18. I decided to open up SYNERGY KIDS YOGA in April of 2021 due to the growing concerns of the pandemic. It had been a difficult time for parents and children with anxiety and depression. The idea behind Synergy Kids Yoga was to help children battle anxiety, build confidence & have a fun time Interacting with other children—all while practicing yoga and mindfulness activities! 

My love for healing and helping people has evolved over the years. I’m a medical esthetician, reiki practitioner, meditation guide and children kids yoga and mindfulness teacher. My love for children made me want to create a place where they can be free – free of problems, free of hurt, and be apart of a community where there is only love, connection and happiness. SYNERGY is all of that.

Synergy Kids Yoga has had weekly retreats in the park, online classes and has been a part of many elementary school programs. It’s a place where children feel connected to other children, and feel like they are apart of a community. 

I am honoured to be apart of CHILDREN Healing Studio Ltd and so happy to offer weekly yoga retreats in the summer 2022. 

During a retreat, your child will participate in a story based yoga flow, followed by a meditation and mindful activity. The activity is based on the theme of the retreat. Reiki healing is incorporated during the meditation. Your child will leave the retreat feeling relaxed, more confident and eager to learn more about themselves. 

I hope these retreats resonate with your child and I hope it helps them regain their confidence and helps rebuild their self esteem. I look forward to connecting with you all. 

You can register for individual Yoga sessions, or you can register for multiple sessions. Registration will remain open until the class is full.