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Impulse Control

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When You Are Brave

Easter Yoga and Mindfulness

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Worry Doll Workshop

Resiliently You Program

Week 1: Defining worries, learning to use our breath to calm our bodies and mind, learning to identify where we feel worries in our bodies, and making worry monsters as a tool to externalize and talk about our worries.

Week 2: Digging deep into the worries we have most often and documenting them on our worry bears. Followed by a discussion around how we can move our bodies and use fidgets to alter our thoughts and calm our worries. Making playdough is a fun way to move our bodies and change our thoughts!

Week 3: Continuing our conversation about using our bodies to change our thoughts. This time we are integrating some mindfulness and deep breathing through the use of stress balls and glitter jars.

Week 4: Ending the program with a pet calming rock that can travel with us to anxiety inducing places. Ending the program with a worry releasing meditation.