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Children’s Healing Studio Ltd. provides the following services for children:

One-on-One Play-Based Interventions

🐞to help them understand the loss or change they are experiencing and how to journey through the grief process (death, divorce, new baby, move to a new home/school)
🐞to develop skills for emotional recognition, emotional expression and coping strategies for managing difficult life transitions/events
🐞to develop strategies for self-regulation in order to change difficult behaviours such as tantrums, aggression, and defiance
🐞to develop coping strategies when a child or family member is diagnosed with a terminal illness

  • Initial Parent Consult $50
  • 60-minute sessions, $100 + $50 for multiple children
  • 90-minute sessions, $150 +$50 for multiple children

Sessions are offered face-to-face or virtually

Children’s Group Programs

Each month, we offer group programming for children including:
🐞Confidently You: A 6 week program that supports children’s self-esteem
🐞Resiliently You: A 6 week program that teaches children about worries and how to manage them
🐞Mindfulness and Yoga Classes

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Reiki Healing

Reiki is a form of alternative therapy commonly referred to as energy healing, where the energy flows from the practitioners’ palms to the child/teen.

Reiki has many benefits for children and teens including 

🐞relieves anxiety
🐞reduces pain
🐞improves behaviour
🐞enhances focus

This is a significantly difficult time for children and teens- so much anxiety, fear, and social/educational pressures. Reiki is balancing and soothing, making it a perfect emotional and physical intervention for children and teens.

Contact us at: to book a session for your child

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