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Children’s Healing Studio Ltd. provides the following services for children:

One-on-one play-based interventions with children:
– to help them understand the loss or change they are experiencing and how to journey through the grief process
– to develop skills for emotional recognition, emotional expression and coping strategies for managing difficult life transitions/events
– to develop strategies for self-regulation in order to change difficult behaviours such as tantrums, aggression, and defiance

  • Initial Parent Consult $50
  • 60-minute sessions, $100
  • 90-minute sessions, $150

Sessions are offered face-to-face or virtually

Children’s grief support groups

  • $30/child-group minimum 5/max 10
  • Details for the monthly support groups can be found on our social media sites and under the “Events” tab

Contact us at: to book a session for your child

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