Calming Room

New to Children’s Healing Studio is a Calming Room. This room is designed to help children learn to regulate their cognitive and physical reactions to external stimuli by learning to cope with the world around them.

Many children with special needs including but not limited to Autism and sensory disorders often struggle to cope with external stimuli such as loud noises, bright lights, and rough patterns or foods with unwelcome textures. Because some conditions can magnify small sensory encounters for children with certain special needs, they are more prone to meltdowns, tantrums or self-harm as an attempt to self-sooth.

The Calming Room at Children’s Healing Studio is equipped with various textures, soothing sounds, calming lights, an aromatherapy diffuser, a weighted blanket and animals, and a variety of fidgets and calming activities. And it will soon include a sensory wall!

There are many benefits to a calming room:

🐞The most obvious…Calming Effects

When children become agitated by the world around them, spending time in a dim, calming room where they can be alone and take charge of their emotions can have emotional benefits.


Some children may need additional sensory stimulation to encourage feelings of awareness and well-being (Check out my stories to see the Sensory Brush). Spending time in a calming room with various sensory stimuli may help children become more aware of their senses.

🐞Parent-Child Bonding

While there are many benefits for children to explore the calming room alone, the space also provides opportunity for parent-child bonding. The room is designed to provide a safe, stress-free space that allows for safe interaction. When children are not overly-stimulated, when they are calm and feel a sense of safety, there is greater opportunity for responsive and positive interaction between parents and children.

🐞Enhances Cognitive Development

This Calming Room can help children learn to cope in situations where their reactions might otherwise become extreme. The sensory experiences in the room are a great way to help children, especially those on the spectrum, to explore cause and effect as they learn about how their actions influence the world around them.

Whether you have a child with special needs who requires support with self-regulation and sensory stimulation, you’re looking for a calm place to bond with your child, or you’d like to spend time in the room to decompress before nap/bedtime, the Calming Room is the perfect space for you.

The room is available for families to rent in 30 minute increments but you may rent the space for more than 30 minutes. Rent for the Calm Room is $15/30 minutes